Broadcast > Awards & Interviews

Broadcast Awards/Prizes:

  • Clarion Award for ‘Soldiers in the Sun’.
  • Sandford St Martin Premier Award for ‘A Fearful Symmetry’.
  • Sandford St Martin Premier Award for ‘Miracle on the Estate’.
  • Jerusalem Trust Premier Award for ‘The Good Book’.
  • Sony Award for Radio 3 documentary series – ‘The Real Thing’
  • Sandford St Martin Award for Radio 1 music feature – ‘A Damn Good Lie’
  • Sandford St Martin Award shortlisting for ‘The Hurricane’
  • Mental Health Award shortlisting for ‘Soldiers in the Sun’.

Media Profiles/Interviews include:

  • Washington Post: Profile Interview
  • Radio 4: Front Row, interviews on ‘Corpus’ & ‘Burning Babylon’
  • Radio 3: Belief, profile interview with Joan Bakewell
  • Radio 5: Simon Mayo, interview on Whitbread Prize
  • BBC4: MacMillan at the Barbican weekend, interview re collaboration
  • BBC News 24: interview re ‘Last Words’
  • The Scotsman: profile interview
  • The Daily Telegraph: profile interview
  • City Limits: profile interview
  • CBC (Canada); ‘Tapestry’ profile interview
  • CBC (Canada): Entertainment Tonight, interview
  • Radio 3: Private Passions, profile interview with Michael Berkeley
  • Radio 3: The Verb, commissioned poems and interviews
  • The Independent: profile interview
  • Radio Wales: All Things Considered, profile interview
  • Radio 4: Poetry Please: poems and interview
  • BBC World Service: poems and interviews
  • Radio 4: Open Book
  • Saturday Herald (Scotland) profile interview